Saturday, September 6, 2008

Next Steps: Business formation / Etapes prochaines: formation de l'entreprise

  1. Get an attestation of the original funds blocked in the bank (completed)

    The bank sent me an attestation today which shows that I put EUR 1000 into an escrow-type account for setting up the business. I need this to move forward with the business registration and it's called a:


    It essentially says that the bank has the money and a copy of the statuts of the business.

  2. Registering the business information with the tax authority

    Now that I have the attestation showing the funds are blocked away the next step is submitting the business registration to the tax authority. They need a copy of the "Status" of the business. This is an 18 page document that my friend (an attorney here in France) helped me prepare. It describes the nature of the business and sets up the framework of the business.

    They put a stamp on the original statuts when I register them.

  3. Register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    The next step (as I understand it) is taking the information to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Once they have the necessary documents they give me the business license, called a "Kbis" here.

  4. Return to the bank with the stamped "statuts" and the Kbis to create a real bank account

    Once I have both the Kbis and the stamped statuts I can open up a real bank account and start doing business.

Now, I'm no lawyer and I'm still a bit in the dark about how this registration system works. I'll update this page if I have any new (or improved) information though.

There is one thing I do plan on doing to learn more about the process. The Versailles Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a free seminar once every month where people starting businesses can go and learn about setting up a business in our area. I plan on attending the one on October 14th if possible.

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