Saturday, August 23, 2008

Appointment with the bank - Rendez-vous à la banque

I made an appointment for next Saturday to open up a dedicated bank account - one of the key first steps to starting a business here in France. The bank told me they need four things from me.
  1. Projet de statuts (official paperwork for the business)
  2. Pièces d'identité (Proof of identity like passport or resident card)
  3. Justificatifs de domicile (Proof of residence from the town)
  4. Dépot du capital (Initial capital for the business to be put in the account)

A good lawyer friend was really helpful with the paperwork for the projet de status but it is taking me a bit longer than I had planned to gather up all the paperwork - including proof of marriage. I will likely pay someone to handle all the paperwork once I have everything checked off the list.

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