Saturday, September 27, 2008

Preparing to meet with the Mayor's cabinet / La préparation pour une réunion avec les Maires-Adjoints

I called the office of our Mayor (Manuelle WAJSBLAT) last week to ask for an appointment to speak with her about fiber. There are a couple of things I wanted to talk about.
  1. The status of France Telecom's upgrade of our exchange
  2. The need for a small space next to the exchange (which the village owns) for fiber termination equipment
  3. The plan eventually to extend our network to other residences
  4. Coordinating fiber planning with any civil work in the village
Her office called me back to set up a meeting for today with the heads of two municipal commisssions (les maires-adjoints).

  • Bruno DIDIER
    Urbanisme, Environnement, Développement économique, Transports, Sécurité
    (Urbanism, environment, economic development, transportation and security)

  • Philippe CHIVOT
    Travaux, Entretien du Patrimoine, Marchés Publics, Ordures Ménagères
    (Work, maintaining historical elements, public works and trash collection)

Before the meeting I spoke with a friend of mine who had a similar post in another city government and he gave me some key things to focus on for the discussions. He told me how it is important to focus on the benefits to everyone involved - the users, the businesses and even the political leaders.

I realized as I was going through my speaking points that there are some huge benefits for a village with fiber. First, it will add value to our homes at a time when people are worried that their house values are falling. We'd also move from having some of the worst connections in our department to having the best. We could also take advantage of the regional network backbone investments put in place by our department which have been, so far, underutilized. Finally, symmetric connections for telecommuting could help ease traffic congestion, improve business traffic for local merchants and help the environment. Those are some big social benefits.

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