Monday, June 18, 2007

Network topology / Topologie du reseau

I'm very interested in getting an idea on how much this broadband rollout is going to cost, particularly for the different stages. However, I've realized that the first thing I need to do is to decide on the topology of the network.

Here's a view of our residence from the air. I've marked the outline of the area I want to cover in red. The yellow lines represent where I'm planning on putting down the fiber once the street is open. The yellow star in the middle is where I'll locate the concentrator (right next to the cable company's box). Finally, the Yvelines Numeriques network and our France Telecom Exchange are in green. (You can get an idea of relative sizes by comparing things to the tennis courts at the middle right edge of the picture).

Saint Nom La Breteche FTTH Map

Here are the current questions I'm working on:

  1. Does it make sense to run a dedicated conduit to each home in the residence?
  2. What about the 24 apartments (12 in each building)?
  3. Would it be best to have the conduit run all the way to each home or simply go to a small box in the ground just beyond the sidewalk - which would then require further trenching the last few meters when they signed up?

I'll post what I find.


Benjamin Bayart said...

You should have a look at what FDN is doing. FDN is a non-profit organisation, running its own ISP infrastructure. Might be interesting if you contact us...

Tad said...


Thank you for the tip on FDN (French Data Network). I've started going through the web site reading about the organization and it seems very interesting. The reason I'm not done yet is because it takes me more time to go through things in French.

I'll get it contact with you offline as well.