Sunday, September 2, 2007

Upgrading the exchange in St Nom - Travail sur le NRA a St Nom

The other day one of my friends in the residence passed along news about our telecom exchange. He said that he heard our France Telecom exchange (NOM78) in St Nom La Breteche is about to be upgraded in December and the lines all regrouped back there from other distant exchanges. I've heard this before but haven't seen any movement near the exchange which would suggest imminent work.

Our mayor did have a meeting with France Telecom in June where they asked for more land to expand the exchange. The rumor around the village says that it was supposed to be completed next month (September) but now they've pushed the date back to December 2007.

I don't think there's much chance of it happening that quickly. If France Telecom asked for more land then they're going to need to build a bigger exchange and likely allow for collocation. The current exchange is just too small. I've lived here long enough to know that construction projects take longer than a few months to put together - particularly if France Telecom was still discussing the land issue two months ago.

There are some interesting implications however for the fiber project. Our exchange is probably 400-600 meters from the residence which means people could see a huge jump in bandwidth using ADSL2+. I would hope that competitive operators would take advantage of full unbundling at our exchange because those are the best offers in the market right now.

This is great news for the residence but could make convincing people to switch to fiber and pay more for it a bit more difficult. If they do upgrade quickly then I'm going to have to come up with an interesting "local" application for fiber that would convince people to sign up through us. I thought about a security service for their homes but it's an area I don't know much about.


Raindeer said...

Hey Tad,

At that distance it might become possible to do VDSL2. :-)

BTW is there already fibre to the Exchange that you know of? Because if there isn't, there will be soon.

Tad said...

We are very close to the exchange and I'm looking forward to the upgrade when they indeed do it. It seems as if VDSL isn't part of France Telecom's plan but at least ADSL2+ should be available.

There is fiber going to the exchange (via Yvelines Numeriques and partially paid for by the department). From my understanding all the major operators lease capacity on the Yvelines Numeriques network to reach the exchanges so it wouldn't be too difficult for competitive operators to set up shop.