Friday, September 28, 2007

Distance to the exchange / Distance au commutateur

I was driving back home tonight with the family and we started up the road where the exchange is located to get home. It's a bit of a shortcut for people going to our section of St Nom. We had the GPS turned on so I decided to reset the odometer at the exchange to see how far our residence was "as the car drives".

I was surprised to see the exchange was closer than I had estimated. Driving in the car, the bottom of our residence was only 400-450 meters away. The only problem is the road going up to the village from the exchange is cobblestone - which could certainly complicate matters for a dig.


Zed said...

Directional boring is your friend.

Tad said...

I need all the friends I can get so I'll do some research and post my findings.

Vincent said...

It is a good way to cross undiggable areas. But it is dangerous in city centers for you cannot see what you dig in. In your village, it should be Ok if the gas network is clearly located.

It is interesting to look at : The way the tech manage it is amazing !

Zed said...

A bit advanced and not foolproof, but you can use ground penetrating radar to map out subterrean infrastructure if need be.