Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Benoît FELTEN - (Fiberevolution)

Two work colleagues and I had lunch with Benoît FELTEN of Fiberevolution to talk about the project and fiber rollouts in general here in France. We spent a good deal of time discussing why many operators were planning PON-based networks versus end-run fiber.

Some key points of the discussion:

  • First fiber in will likely solidify their position as a monopoly provider. This has huge implications for competition, network architecture and regulation.
  • The 50 homes in our project are peanuts for operators here in France. The key will be using this as a high-profile test case for the business model.
  • This little project could help apply pressure on local candidates running for office next year. Hopefully we can make open-access fiber one of the main campaign issues at least in the village.
  • The power of Web/Telco 2.0. This came up in two ways. First, it's so easy to make connections with other like-minded people with the interactive Internet of today. Second, and Benoît pointed this out, we're likely not long from the day where you can offer a complete third-party "triple-play" offer using Joost, Gmail and Skype.

I've also asked Benoît for help locating people with fiber expertise in the area. This is going to be really important because as interested as I am personally, I need to find someone who really knows installations here in France.

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Benoît FELTEN said...

Hey Tad,

It was great meeting you, and I'll be following the project with close attention (and hopefully I can help you at some point down the line) !

Next time, you choose the venue !