Sunday, October 5, 2008

Too late for changes - Trop tard pour les changements

I received great advice from the Dutch about how municipal government should build the new exchange next year in order to promote competitive fiber development. The problem is I'm a bit too late.

I received word this weekend that the contract and negotiations with France Telecom were too far advanced for the municipality to be able to make changes. It's too bad that the village will be paying for the construction of the building (for France Telecom's benefit) but won't be able to dictate any new terms for fiber. I'm taken back that an exchange being built anywhere in the world in the year 2009 would lack space for competitive fiber equipment.

Hopefully other villages poised to give EUR 50,000 to France Telecom will be able to use the excellent advice I received from my Dutch friends to promote fiber competition in the future.

This means that I'll have to approach this a different way - possibly with a separate fiber shelter next to the copper exchange. Each of the competitive operators has fiber passing through the exchange already so we'd simply have to put the fiber shelter next to this line so they'd be able to interconnect easily.

I'll work on setting up a meeting with the competitive operators this week to discuss a plan.


Anonymous said...

DO you have a due date for the DSLAM in St. Nom? I live in Boulevard des plants and use Tele2 for Internet access at home which is OK, slow post of the time and drops over night! The problem is as soon as I have other laptops plug in on one of the 3 WiFi routers around the house they have poor performance and are constantly needing to reconnect.I expect it is a combination of bandwidth and Tele2 config but I am sure with a DSLAM nearer than Noisy it will improve. Bob

Tad said...

Hello Bob,

Thanks for the comment. I don't have a timetable for the new exchange in St Nom although I think someone said it should be built in the first quarter or so of next year.

I understand your pain with the flaky Internet connections. Numericable has been down again this week and they didn't show up for their appointment last Saturday. I'll have to call them back again.

I'll do some asking around to get better information and let you know if I have a better time frame for the exchange.