Friday, February 15, 2008

Existing conduit - Foureaux existant

One of my neighbors came over to my house the other day and asked if I wanted to come open up the box in driveway to take a look at the existing conduit in the residence. The good news is the France Telecom conduit in front of most of the homes in the neighborhood. Each drop box seems to service one or two homes.

There is also plenty of space in the conduit running between boxes. When we looked in there was a lot of dirt but the cables themselves took up only a small fraction of the entire space in the tubes.

If we were able to make use of the existing conduit I can still see a problem. I don't know exactly how we would be able to get from the inside of the box out to each home. There are lines going out to each home but I figure we'd probably need to dig something new ourselves. This could pose problems as well because most of the drop boxes are in driveways.

Existing conduitTelecom box

It's certainly a possibility to consider - assuming that we could get permission from France Telecom.

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Vincent said...

There is a new process to share ducts with France Telecom. Now, you must give them a project and wait for their answer, about 1 month later. You will have to pay even if the answer is NO.