Friday, December 28, 2007

More on the Numericable offer in St Nom / Plus sur l'offre de Numericable a St Nom

Numericable offer in St Nom La Breteche Now for a bit more information that I've been able to gather on the offer from Numericable. They advertise 100 Mbit/s downloads but only 5 Mbit/s upload speeds on their offer. Not bad, although the upstream is important to me for the ability to telework.

I got a call today from an independent company to verify the change of my account - essentially ensuring that I did agree to upgrade my connection and pay more each month. They weren't able to answer any questions though about the connections such as when it would be available.

I have noticed that my connection is actually much faster now than it was just a few months ago. I don't know what kind of changes they have made but today I was able to reach 16 Mbit/s download from That's closer to what I should have already been getting with my "30 Mbit/s" connection I pay for now.

The graphic above shows the upgrade schedule for St Nom La Breteche on Numericable's website. Cities with 100 Mbit/s are marked with the year of the upgrade. Those in the process of being upgraded are marked with one of the codes on the bottom right showing which quarter or semester the upgrade should happen. Interestingly St Nom isn't even given a timeline for a fiber upgrade.

A large part of our village doesn't even have cable coverage so I wonder if the headend for our residence is located elsewhere.

I'll update as I find more information. However, with a limit of 5 Mbit/s upstream I'll still go ahead with the investment.


Yoplabooom said...

For his "fiber" network, Numericable use FTTLA (Fiber To the Last Amplifier) technology and coaxial cable with DOCSIS 3.0

See :

Or (in French) :

Tad said...

Thank you for the link and information about Numericable's network. I'd be interested to find out where the last amplifier is before our residence.

The Degroupnews site had a particularly good graphic comparing the frequency bandwidth of ADSL2+ and cable.

For all this talk of a cable upgrade my cable modem still hasn't been able to stay synched for four days. The backup ADSL connection has been a lifesaver.